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Hard choice in the city of a billion stories…

Don’t hate me! On my literary journey to NEW YORK, I turned to a couple singular voices, often vehementently disliked readers and viewers alike. The megacity isn’t just Manhattan, just as it’s not just Austers, Allens and Sexesindacities. LENA DUNHAM is a writing monster who, with GIRLS (and the help of Judd Apatow) knew how to change the way to explain the (first-world) problems of the young generation to which she belongs. Whether you like it or not J.D. SALINGER gave voice to young Holden Caulfield in THE CATCHER IN THE RYE, which shocked post-war American society and has become a classic.

Cliffs, potatoes, beer and geniuses.

Is Ireland just cliffs, potatoes and beer? Maybe, but it is a mystery to me how a small, sparsely populated country has produced so many extraordinary musicians, filmmakers and writers. May Joyce forgive me, but Frank McCourt’s Angela’s ashes has marked a before and after in my life as a reader. Miserable lives, filled with tragedy, yet narrated with naivety and humor. The series Normal people, adapted from Sally Rooney’s book, as real as life itself, is a beautiful story of love indecision.

It is impossible to take a good photo in New Zealand…

I have a crazy theory: it’s impossible to take a good picture in New Zealand, despite being one of the most picturesque countries on the planet It’s as if the camera suffered from ESS (Electronic Stendhal’s Syndrome). Nevertheless, Jane Campion proved, with THE PIANO, that North Island could be made to serve as an exceptional film set. Eleanor Catton, on the other hand, manages to transport us to the South Island with her novel THE LUMINARIES, now a TV adaptation for HBO. Both, though, come with a colonial bias, albeit tempered with Maori touches.

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