Ferran Guallar (born Barcelona, 1968).

I’ve spent half a lifetime in Africa leading a nature conservation program, living alongside chimpanzees and fellow researchers, and studying them all with equal interest.  My past roles include marketing executive in a software corporation, musician, promoter for an African women’s empowerment programme, lecturer, travel guide and a video reporter in approximately 100 countries. I’ve lived with the Taliban, slept in lost pyramids in the middle of the desert and worked in areas in full Ebola outbreak, just before embarking on my most difficult challenge ever: sitting still and writing novels, screenplays and TV series. Currently, I am still an honorary consultant for a chimpanzee reserve in Africa. 

As a writer and screenwriter, I have studied at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, the Escola d’Escriptura at the Ateneu Barcelonès, the Showrunners School and the Laboratori de Lletres, among others.

My first novel sets out to be provocative defence of relativism, inspired by my own experiences and is soon to be published by Grup 62 Editors and Navona. The rights to the TV script and two more novels are available.

Please contact Pontas International Literary and Film Agency for more information.