«LA PART SALVATGE» synopsis.

Paul Murray, an anthropologist specializing in evolution and primates, lives his personal decline in a small African paradise for naturalists. After fifteen years, he has overcome a past in which he was haunted by violence and even seems to have found love, or something similar. Day by day, however, his field notes about a chimpanzee who has recently been dethroned as alpha male unwittingly reflect his moment in life, in which he does not see, or does not dare to see, the new circumstances that drown him little by little. A latent threat that can lead to the destruction of everything he has tried to protect: the forest, the chimpanzees and the future of the inhabitants of a paradise where the irrationality underlying humans threatens to become the new normal.

In between the African adventure and the novelistic exploration of the nature of the human being, Ferran Guallar’s «La part salvatge» draws on his years in Africa and, with a vividly suspenseful plot that advances relentlessly, it thrusts us into our less explored side, the one that makes us tremble at the force of nature, fight lost wars, or fall in love with someone we shouldn’t.

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Rights available for the second and third novel, and the TV series based on them. Please contact Pontas International Literary and Film Agency.